Automatic Intensive Driving lessons

Our intensive driving lessons in an automatic car are taught in the same way as manual driving courses. The difference in learning is how to operate an automatic transmission rather than use gears.

Our Auto car is a Ford Fiesta called Ally and is very much in demand in Exeter and Newton Abbot. Automatic cars are helpful to people who struggle dealing with many operations at any one time. Although automatic cars take away clutch control there still is a need to cover the following areas. Checking Mirrors, Signalling, Positioning the vehicle. Speed on approach to junctions and roundabouts together with looking to see if it is safe to pull out.

Ally for Automatic intensive driving courses

Intensive driving courses in an Automatic car

Automatic driving tests take place at the same location as manual driving tests. The examiners use a tablet which you will need to sign prior to taking your test.

If you would like to train and take your driving test in an automatic car then please follow the link provided.

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Automatic and Manual cars available

Intensive driving course in Exeter and Newton Abbot with manual and automatic cars. For all age groups including confidence building, gear or automatic familiarisation, motorway and rural roads, day or night our aim is to help you enjoy your driving more and hopefully help keep you safe.

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