Intensive Driving Course Exeter and Newton Abbot

Our driving school will work hard to provide you a course that suits you. Book early for weekly driving lessons. As a driving school we receive a lot of referrals from previous students. If you would like to read what our students say about us then click to our facebook page

Lessons can start from your work place or college and finish at your home in Exeter and Newton Abbot. Other lesson times may be available so please contact us or go to our Intensive driving course link

Intensive driving Courses

Our driving courses are suitable for all ages. Course can be tailored to your needs.

We offer 3 main types of Intensive driving course.

Full Service includes:

  1. Online theory training.
  2. Practical driving test.
  3. Use cancellation software to find the the earliest dates possible.
  4. provide the training hours requested.

Part service includes:

  1. Arrange and pay for your practical driving test.
  2. Use cancellation software to find the the earliest dates possible.
  3. provide the training hours requested.

Hours only service:

  • Choose how many hours you would like
  • Those hours will be provided.
  • No other service comes with this option

provide the training hours requested only.

  • Full Manual course: 
  • 20 Hours of driver training
  • Theory test and training
  • practical driving test
  • £ 660.00

Driving assessments are 2 hours long and priced at £50 for Manual cars and £56 for Automatic cars

Our driving course will plan driving lessons specific to your needs. Chat to one of our staff or  contact in the first instance via email

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