Automatic and Manual cars available

Intensive driving course in Exeter and Newton Abbot with manual and automatic cars. For all age groups including confidence building, gear or automatic familiarisation, motorway and rural roads, day or night our aim is to help you enjoy your driving more and hopefully help keep you safe.

Our Intensive driving course can be completed in one or two weeks therefore the weekly hours are generally 20 to 30 hours. Intensive courses however can be any duration but above all try to restrict to 30 hour in one week if possible. Intensive driving lessons can be during time off work. When taking half and end of term breaks we get very busy so plan ahead. Once a deposit is paid we will secure the dates you would like.

What our students say about our driving lessons

”A huge thank you for helping me pass my test first time and for being so friendly and supportive during my course.”Ceri, September 2018.

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driving Lessons

Our weekly driving lessons have the same objectives as the intensive courses. The weekly 2 hour Lessons will help you become a safe driver on all road conditions. Driving is a necessary part of life. Car designs are changing yet you will still need a driving license to drive a hybrid car.

Driving course objectives.

  • 1 To teach you how to operate a manual car correctly while carrying out simple tasks.
  • 2 Be able to drive the vehicle safely on various road and traffic conditions including dual carriageways.
  • 3 Drive in away to help the flow of traffic by using forward planning and awareness techniques.

Time scale.

The time it will take to reach a safe level of driving therefore is dependant on your ability. You will need to take on instruction and finally apply what you have learnt in a practical way.

Are Intensive driving courses for everyone.

If you take more time to study or easily distracted therefore you might struggle with an Intensive course. Intensive driving courses require a good level of concentration. The positive points about intensive driving courses is the limited time it takes to be a safe driver. If you are concerned then please contact us.

Our weekly driving lessons are not as full on as intensive courses. Our team will be happy to help you. If you would like to look at our weekly driving lessons then please click here

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