Intensive driving courses during covid-19

Please view the measures we are taking to protect all our students during their intensive driving course.

C OVID-19 Help prevent the spread.

Working safely with covid-19
The virus spreads in sneeze and cough droplets, so regularly taking the below measures helps reduce the chance of it spreading.

If you wear glasses for driving then these will help minimise droplets getting into your eyes. As a precaution we can also provide protective glasses.

Face coverings will need to be worn inside the training vehicle. If you have your own face masks then they maybe used provided they cover your nose and mouth,
however, face coverings can be provided,

Provided in your training vehicle will be antibacterial alcohol based hand gel. This will dry soon after applying to your hands. Please use before touching any services in the car.

Your training vehicle will be cleaned between students including all controls and surfaces within the vehicle and door handles. These measures will help minimise the risk but not eliminate the chance of catching covid-19.

If you or a member of your family have symptoms that may be linked to the corona virus you must inform your driving instructor and stop training.
Once you have isolated and fully recovered we will then look at restarting your driving course. Below is a link which offers more in depth advice to help you understand the risks involved and precautions needed to be taken to limit the transfer of covid-19.

More information for working with covid-19