Driving Lessons in Exeter

Exeter driving test centre is based in Marsh Barton Industrial Estate. Your driving test will start and finish at that location.

Driving Test how long does it take

The driving test will take around 40 minutes although can be dependant on road and traffic conditions at the time. Examiners will give you helpful information at the start of your driving test. This information will help you with time, types of roads and directions they would like you to follow.

Have examiners got quotas

No An examiner has no quotas and is there just to make sure your driving is safe and you can control your vehicle. They will ask you to carry out certain manoeuvres to ensure you are able to drive keeping control of your vehicle with observation to ensure you keep safe as well as looking out for other road users and pedestrians. Examiners in Exeter are very helpful and understanding and you will be in safe hands.