How to pass a Driving Test

Passing your driving test after an Intensive driving course in Exeter

The way you pass a driving test is by driving safely whilst keeping control of your vehicle. The night prior to your driving test don’t keep worrying about passing or failing, the answer to that question is not yours to make. The only question you can answer is;

are you prepared and able to drive safely for 40 minutes whilst out with an examiner?

I would suspect that if you are going for a driving test your instructor believes you can, so you should as well.

The first driving test is always a daunting experience so put the work in and stay safe. The harder you work the quicker time passes. I have many students when back in the test centre think they have only been out for just 10 minutes. I know then that they have worked hard and generally they will have passed.

Passing your driving test in Exeter and Newton Abbot.

The driving test examiners in Exeter and Newton Abbot I have found to be very helpful and understanding so I am sure that you will benefit from the experience of taking a driving test in these areas.