Driving tips for your first solo drive

Driving tips and ideas to help you stay safe

Congratulations on passing your driving test and now you can take your Mum and Dads car out all on your own. This will probably be the first time you have been in a car without any support whilst driving,  to some people this might be a daunting task, but you did pass a driving test which means an Examiner with the Driver Vehicle Standards Agency felt that for 40 minutes your driving was safe, so well done.

For your first solo drive you might consider  some of the following which will help make you feel a bit more at ease.


Choose a route you know which will not take you too far away, think about the types of roads this route will take you on ie: motorway,dual carriageway, rural roads  and town traffic.


Let someone know where your going and think about the time you are leaving, it might be better to go before or after the morning/afternoon rush hour.


Make sure you have some form of communication on you and the battery is charged. ( not to be used whilst driving).


Make sure your car is legal to be on the road and has the necessary  insurance. road tax, MOT and breakdown cover.


As far as checking your car prior to setting off then you can look at our post on car daily checks.


Remember weather conditions may cause disruption on the roads and some routes might not be accessible. This will also apply on the homeward journey so look at the weather conditions for when you are thinking of coming home.


Emergency Kit. essential items to hold in your car  especially in cold  weather see our post Emergency Kit. My wife worked 20 minutes away from our home yet one journey home took her 6 hours due to bad weather and icy roads.