Driving Lessons in Newton Abbot

Intensive driving course available in Exeter or Newton Abbot

Welcome to our weekly driving lessons in Newton Abbot post. This post is for regular weekly hours of tuitionin the Newton Abbot and surrounding areas. If you prefer to look at our Intensive driving courses then please click on the link.

Driving lessons and Intensive driving courses in Exeter and Newton Abbot
Driving lessons and Intensive driving courses in Exeter and Newton Abbot

Our driving school will work hard to provide you a course that suits you, however, weekly driver training has limited space. In Newton Abbot the test centre is located in Brunel Road Industrial Estate. Book early for your driving test as this is a very busy driving test centre. As a driving school we use software to find earlier test dates. There is no, however guarantee at this busy test centre. We receive a lot of referrals from previous students that have passed here in Newton Abbot. If you would like to read what our students say about us then click on our facebook page link.

We have a limited number of 2 hour lessons available Monday to Friday. Lessons are able to start from 4 pm until 6 pm or 5 pm until 7 pm. Lessons can start from your work place or college and finish at your home in Exeter and Newton Abbot. Other lesson times may be available so please contact us or go to our Intensive driving course link

Driving Lessons weekly

Driving course available in Exeter or Newton Abbot of a minimum 2 hour duration. Start and finish at different locations in and around Exeter or Newton Abbot. Our school provides weekly or intensive driving courses. The post you are currently on is for weekly lessons. For more information and to book a weekly on going driving course please use our contact form.

Weekly lessons will be available to help you reach a safe standard of driving. When you feel you are ready for a driving test our cancellation software will help.

Our software will help you find the earliest driving test time available.This option is available with our full or part service.
Your training vehicle together with your instructor will be available for your driving test although this will be subject to availability