Car Insurance

Car Insurance can be an expensive part of owning a car. With insurance companies charging you more each year to stay with them. Its now time to shop around and find a deal.

Price comparison sites are a good way to test the market. Not all insurance companies are on comparison web sites so keep looking for that deal.

Money Supermarket

Compare the market (meerkat)

Go compare

Just a few of the main price comparison sites.

Specialist Car Insurance

As a provisional license holder you can still get insurance without going onto your parents policy.

Learner driver insurance
Learner driver insurance

Learner Car Insurance

Learner Insurance can be used for short term periods on a parents car to cover you to drive it. It the event of an incident the policy will payout not your parents insurance.

The car insurance industry has many offers available but some you will need to search for a little harder. There are many ways to take cover out on your vehicle but be sure you read the small print.

Answer all questions to the best of your ability and if need be give more information if required. This might not increase your monthly cost but will insure a claim when made is payed.